Coachbook is coming soon

A coachbook and its wide functionalities will be delivered to all of you directly involved in coaching as well as to organisations and corporations in search for a perfect coach to meet specific needs.

From your perspective as a Coach, digital platform will bring a lot of new value-added features and dynamic tools in order to offer you a unique chance to present yourself professionally and globally as a Coach in the best possible way. Our platform will also enable you to interact with your present and future clients by hosting fully manageable online coaching sessions.

From the Client's and Corporate's point of view, »all coaches at one place« is an opportunity that has never been offered before. The comparison of skills, competences, accomplishments, references, prices, reviews, recomendations, availability, ... will help you find a tailored solution to suit your needs and lifestyle.

And many more ... stay tuned.

New coaching era begins on 1st April 2025. Save the date!

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